Royal Jordanian Air Force
Prince Faisal Technical College

Commander Speech (Col.Eng Mazen Al-Ma'ytah)

Prince Faisal Technical College is the main provider for RJAF with qualified technical manpower to work on the aircrafts and their systems. A graduate of the college is considered the cornerstone of the Royal Air Force's systems maintenance, whether aviation systems, telecommunications systems or power plants of the Royal Air Force. PFTC trains the technical manpower for all fields to sustain the Public Police wing, the Special Communication Corps and the Royal Naval Force. Also the college prepares a lot of technicians from (Iraq, Yemen, and The Arab Gulf). PFTC is used as a middle technical college for Al Balqa Applied University's and it gives a diploma degree in technical majors that refers to maintaining the aircrafts and their systems. The first and second in marks scoring in each specialization will also be dispatched to complete the bachelor's degree in engineering, business administration or information technology. PFTC develops and qualify the staff and the laboratories in cooperation with the trusted global colleges and institutes such as the British College (Oxford) and the Pakistani technical college (korangi) and a lot of training institutes in the United States that refers to American Air Force to bring its graduates to the highest levels of science.

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