The Jordan Air Ambulance Centre

The Jordan Air Ambulance Centre (JAAC) is a financially and administratively independent government centre established by virtue of a Cabinet decision and is governed by Law No. 110 for the year 2014.

JAAC's board of directors is chaired by the RJAF Commander, Head of the Air Force Medical Services, a representative of the Civil Defense Emergency and Medical Services, a representative of the Ministry of Health and a representative of the Private Hospitals Association.

The Center’s mission is to serve Jordanians and residents in Jordan by providing air medical evacuation of the critically injured and ill from peripheral and remote hospitals to centers of excellence in Amman, where more advanced medical treatment can be provided.

In addition, the Center aids various national institutions in performing their duties to protect property and life. JAAC seeks to be an exceptional and specialized air medical transportation service supporting and strengthening Jordan’s position as a prime provider of medical services and as a hub of medical tourism.

As it offers its services, JAAC adheres to quality and best practices, following strict crew and internal procedure training policies. The quality is also of paramount importance regarding the center's aircraft and vehicles, which undergo regular maintenance, along with pre- and post-flight inspection.

JAAC employs a squad of top professionals, who work around the clock in continuous pursuit of more efficient and effective mission deployment. The crew includes pilots, some of whom are licensed flight instructors, a medical crew trained to operate during air transport, engineers and technicians to handle the maintenance of the aircraft and vehicles, Civil Defense operatives who man the call centre and coordinate missions, and an administrative team.

Each aircraft is fully equipped for air evacuation and can handle two cases on stretchers, or more, depending on the situation.

JAAC is located in Amman Civil Airport in Marka, with a response time of 15 minutes from the time of the request of service. It plans to increase its fleet and permanent stations at King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba and other locations.

Its Italian-made AW139 helicopters can travel 400 nautical miles (750km on land), which qualifies them for rescue operations all over Jordan and parts of the neighboring countries, including north Saudi Arabia and Palestine, and its aircraft can land on all helipads in Jordan, whose number exceeds 45.