Circuit Card Workshop

Circuit Card Repair Workshop

The Maintenance of the Operational System in RJAF is an integral part in improving the Logistical and Operational capabilities through maintaining, producing and longevity for all electronic equipment worlds of  RJAF.

Circuit Card Repair Workshop in the Electronic Workshop and Labs (HQ) maintaining different type of Electronic Circuit Cards (Single, double and Multi layers CCA).

Circuit Card Repair Workshop also Analyses the repeated Fault Items to prevent its future occurrence.

Circuit Card Repair Workshop send On-Site Technical Teams to repair non movable Operational Equipments and Systems.

Circuit Card Repair Workshop Train and Maintain the level of the Technicians and confirm the safety regulation level while maintaining the CCA.

Electronic Circuit Card Production Shop

Electronic Circuit Card Production Shop in the Electronic Workshop and Labs (HQ) produce Circuit card (Single and Double Layers) for the Operational Equipments and Systems in RJAF that the repair and/or replace them is costly, also for the System that is no longer supportable by Manufacturers (Obsolete Systems).

The production of the Circuit Cards (CCA) has the following steps:

  1. The needed CCA is deeply investigated to understand it’s function and components.  
  2. The Schematic and Layout of the new CCA is designed using the latest Software such as (ORCAD) and (DIPTRACE).
  3. The components of the new CCA is installed after printing it on the Card.
  4. A Bench Test and On-System Test for the printed CCA are implemented to make sure it’s working properly.

As an upgrade to Electronic Circuit Card Production Shop, a modernize Printed Circuit Card Boards (PCB) Printer will be used to expand the capabilities of the workshop to produce a Multi-Layers CCA.