Fire Alarm System Workshop

Fire Alaram Systems is considered as a basic requirments to protect human facilities and livies as they aleret pepople in case of Fire occaurence to take the nessecry action and this is why the Fire Alarm System Workshop was establish in RJAF since 2004.

Fire Alarm System Workshop is resopnsibale of maintaining the following types of Fire alarm System:

  1. Fire Alarm System (Conventional and Addressable).
  2. Early Warning Outdoor System (EWOS).

The Workshop is also design Fire Alarm System layout and also determines and install its requirements.

The Worshop is also maintains the system and monitors thier pefrormance through the Routain Maintenance.

The Fire Alarm System Workshop has the Directorate of Civil Defense Cirtification in the field of installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems since 2009 renewed annually.

The Workshop Train and Maintain the level of its Technicians.