The Royal Air Force was the first to use fiber optic cables in communication networks in Jordan since the mid-1980s. Its communication network covers most of the kingdom and maintains reliability and high capacities reaching a bandwidth of 10 Gbps. The latest and most advanced communication equipment and technologies (SDH, Carrier Ethernet) are utilized in order to meet the demands of interconnecting command, control, and communication centers with the various Air Force, Armed Forces, and security apparatus units within a secure network for data transmission of different communication systems.

The Directorate of Electronic Communication has an elite core of highly qualified and well-trained engineers and technicians that are experienced in the implementation of communication networks maintenance and extension projects throughout their stages of conception and design, installation, operation, and maintenance. The Royal Air Force additionally holds specialized technical courses in the field of fiber optic communication technologies, which are attended by many military technicians from neighboring Arab countries.

Based on the directives of his majesty, the Armed Forces commander-in-chief, to harness the military capacities in serving and contributing to national development, and emanating from a belief in the need for an effective utilization of the infrastructure in an environment of cooperation, partnership, and expertise exchange, the RJAF offers a number of communication services to the public and private sectors through implementing projects and making agreements for leasing fiber optic cables and filaments. The following are some examples of these efforts, which have greatly contributed in bolstering the communication and information technology sector:

  1. Carrying out a number of projects for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.
  2. Concluding agreements for leasing fiber optic cables and construction sites for communication and data transmission stations and towers with local communication networks (Zain, Orange, Umniah).
  3. Leasing fiber optic cables for Electronic Health Solutions (Hakeem).
  4. Providing data transmission services for the Special Communication Commission in joint projects.
  5. Providing data transmission services for the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

The Directorate of Electronic Communication at the Royal Air Force is well-prepared to engage in consulting, communication services, and expertise exchange, if requested. For more information, contact us at (MOC@RJAF.MlL.JO).