King Abdullah II Air Base

On November 26, 1999, His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated the King Abdullah II Air Base with two Cobra helicopter squadrons, the 10th and 12th.

Since then, the base has been expanding and by the end of 2018, a merger process was still ongoing before the base was to take its final shape. The bulk of the squadron transfers took place from the Amman-based King Abdullah I Air Base's Airlift Wing, such as the 8th and 14th Squadrons.

King Abdullah II Air Base consists of three distinct components and seven squadrons; namely, the original Cobra AH-1F group (10th and 12th Squadrons), the special operations, consisting of the 28th (MH6 Little Bird) and 30th (Blackhawk) Squadrons and the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), which includes the 14th UH-60A Blackhawks and 8th (UH-60M Blackhawk) and 26th (MI-26 helicopter) Squadrons. The QRF carries out joint operations for various purposes.

To ensure that such integration achieves its goals, the RJAF has formed the Unified Helicopter Command, after a helicopter squadron previously affiliated with the Special Forces' Prince Hashim 5th Aviation Brigade was placed under RJAF's command.