No 1 Squadron was formed in 1958 with the Hunter and later equipped with F5s and now the Mirage F1. It has been based in Amman, Mafraq and now Azraq, with short stays at H5, Habbaniya (Iraq) where the Jordanian pilots were flying Iraqi Air Force Hunters and Syria. They deployed for ten days to Saudi Arabia in November 1962. The squadron’s role has changed over the years from air to ground, air to air and reconnaissance to air defence and air to ground.

No 1 Squadron was the first fighter squadron and has a rich history. It has been involved in all the conflicts and has engaged with the Israeli Air Force in aerial combat several times with Hunter aircraft. The Hunter had limited capabilities with 30 mm guns and no radar, and although outnumbered and faced with more modern aircraft armed with the latest air-to-air missiles and up-to-date radar, good results were achieved.

The two pilots who were killed in action in 1966 and 1967 were from No 1 Squadron.