No 3 Squadron

The 3rd Squadron is one of two transport squadrons operated by the Air Lift Wing at King Abdullah I Air Base in Amman, equipped with fixed-wing aircraft, particularly C-130 Hercules and Casa 295, in addition to light cargo and passenger planes, M28 Skytruck and C-145.

The transport 3rd Squadron was formed in 1959 and was a mixture of fixed wing and helicopter until February 1973 when the 7th Helicopter Squadron was formed. It has been equipped through the years with the Dove, Heron, Ambassador, C47, C119, Brittan Norman Islander, Casa 212 and 235 with a helicopter flight of Whirlwind, Widgeon, Scout and Allouette III.

The duties of this squadron include light and medium airlift. Its Special Forces airborne operations have been relocated to King Abdullah II Air Base in Ghabawi with all related squadrons, along with reconnaissance operations, which have been disengaged to Prince Hussein bin Abdullah ISR Wing.

The 3rd Squadron also carries out humanitarian missions that include relief and evacuation.