No 14 Squadron

The 14th Squadron is also part of the Quick Reaction Force at King Abdullah II Air Base in Ghabawi. It uses UH-60A Blackhawks to support the operations of the trilateral force. These missions include border protection, internal and external security operations, reconnaissance, anti-smuggling, parachuting, training new pilots, and providing transportation to VIP figures.

The squadron's Blackhawks also take part in special national events, such as the World Economic Forum meetings hosted by Jordan, car races, and others. The vehicles also escort guest helicopters when they arrive and leave the country, and carry out any other mission assigned by the Base's Commander.

In 2010, it was renamed the 14th Squadron from the 14th Special Operations Squadron, its original name since its establishment in 1996 to provide tactical and reconnaissance support to special operations

Aircraft used historically include the UH-1H Huey, EC-635; AS-350 Ecureuil, SA2-37A Schweitzer and Blackhawk S-70.