Brigadier General
Mohammad Fathi Hiyasat

Commander, Royal Jordanian Air Force

Brigadier General Mohammad Fathi Hiyasat

Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat was born in Amman in 1970, joined the military service as a pilot cadet in 1988 and graduated from King Hussein Air College at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant Fighter Pilot in 1991. He assumed leadership positions until he was appointed as the Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force on 1/7/2021.

Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat obtained a Bachelor's degree in Military Sciences from the Royal Jordanian Command and Staff College in 2006, and a degree in Strategic Studies from the Air War College / Alabama (USA) in 2015.

Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat has assumed the following leadership and administrative positions :

  • Director of Air Operations RJAF HQ.
  • Director of Training RJAF HQ.
  • (MSAB) Commander.
  • (MSAB) Wing Commander.
  • (KFAB) Wing Commander.
  • F-16 6th Sqdn Commander.
  • Liaison Officer in COAC-5 / Italy.
  • F-16 1st Sqdn Commander.
  • F-16 2nd Sqdn - OPS 1st Staff.
  • F-16 2nd Sqdn Flight Commander.
  • Training Officer (Jordan Embassy - London).
  • Advanced Instructor Pilot.
  • Basic Instructor Pilot.

Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat participated in many internal and external qualification courses, most notably :

  • Military Training Phase / Jordan.
  • Basic & Advanced Flying Training Phase / Jordan.
  • F-5 Conversion Course / Jordan.
  • F-16 Conversion Course / Jordan.
  • Qualified Flying Instructor Course (QFI) / Jordan.
  • Air Intelligence Course / U.S.A.
  • S.O.S / Jordan.
  • ICDL / Jordan.
  • Air Command & Staff Course / Jordan.
  • Ground Instructor Course / Jordan.
  • Air War College / U.S.A.

Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat was awarded the following badges and medals :

  • Military Merit Medal 4th Class.
  • Sincere Service Appreciation Medal.
  • Independence Medal 3rd Class.
  • Great Arb Revolute Medal.
  • Effort Medal of the German Armed Forces (Bronze Class).
  • Leadership Competency Medal.
  • The French National Defense Medal (Silver Class).
  • The Military Cross Medal 1st Class Belgium.
  • State Centennial Medal.

Practical Experience :

  • (1,000) Flying Hours / F-5.
  • (2,000) Flying Hours / F-16.
  • (100) Flying Hours / REAL COMBAT MISSIONS.
  • With a Total of (3,700) Hours

Marital status
Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat is Married and has
(1) daughter & (1) son.