Royal Squadron

The Royal Flight was established on April 15, 1950 and renamed the Royal Squadron on April 15, 1978. Aircraft historically flown by the Royal Squadron include the Dragon Rapide, Dove, Riley Dove, Herald, Heron, Viking, Ambassador, Bonanza, Falcon 20, Boeing 727-100, Boeing 727-200, Falcon 50, Sabreliner, Lockheed Tristar, Gulfstream G3, Airbus 310. The Widgeon, Whirlwind; Scout; Allouette III, Sikorsky S76, S70 Blackhawks, UH-60, BO-105, BK117, in addition to Airbus A340, TB20, Challenger 604 and Boeing 737.

Based at King Abdullah I Air Base in Amman, the Royal Squadron now operates UH-60 (M&L), in addition to the civilian-registered Augusta 139.

The Royal Squadron’s pilots are considered the "elite of the elite", as are the engineers and technicians who carry out all maintenance within the squadron.