Published 25-05-2022

سلاح الجو الملكي يبعث بطاقة تهنئه بمناسبة عيد الاستقلال السادس والسبعين

On the Jordanian Independence Day, we remember our honorable past, of which we are proud, and we grow in love for this rich land, which we protect with our blood.

The Commander of the Royal Air Force, Brigadier General Pilot Muhammad Fathi Hyasat, and the ranks of officers and non-commissioned officers, presents to His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces - the Arab Army, may God protect and protect him, his trusted Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, and the Hashemite family. Congratulations and congratulations on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day, asking God Almighty to perpetuate the blessing of security, safety and continued progress on our homeland under our victorious Hashemite leadership.

And we covenant with God Almighty to remain loyal and loyal soldiers to His Majesty the King and the dear homeland and defenders of the sky of our kingdom to preserve its security, stability and independence.