No 10 Squadron

The 10th Squadron is known as the mother of attack helicopter squadrons, as it was established before the 12th Squadron, though both were created in 1985 in Amman, before they were disengaged to King Abdullah II Air Base in Ghabawi when the base was established in 1999.

The type of aircraft they use, the Cobra AH-1F of various models, is the only heavy-attack, anti-armor helicopter in the Armed Forces. Known as "The Flying Tank", the Cobra mainly supports armored ground units and the two squadrons participate in regular joint military drills with army units.

Its mission includes destroying the enemy's tanks, cutting its supply routes and delaying its retreat, using the TOW anti-tank missiles with a range of 3,750 meters. It also carries 2.75 inch free missiles with a range of around 7 km, and a machine gun that is used against light targets.

There is a plan to render the rockets laser-designated and thus fitter for pinpoint targeting, an upgrade that would reduce the number of missiles fired and minimize collateral damage. It participates in internal and external operations, including national security, anti-terrorism, border security missions and other types of combat missions.

The Cobras are undergoing an upgrade program to increase the range of the weapons used, improve the targeting system and enhance effectiveness of the attack vehicle in general.

The 10th and 12th Squadrons pilots also provide routine training and orientation courses for new graduates from King Hussein Air College-based Squadron 5, especially on the firing systems unique to the Cobra.

Other helicopters available at King Abdullah Air Base are mainly used as utility vehicles and although they can be armored with attack systems, they would remain light-attack helicopters.